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Aureus Ragnarok Online

99/70 Balanced Server, No Pay To Win

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Get Started

Aureus Ragnarok Online is a no pay to win server,

We have 2 types of installer in AureusRO. Download lite if you know how to install manually.If not, we highly recomment to download Full Installer.

Download Lite Download Full Download Android Version Download Latest Patcher Download Tile Map Download Homunculus AI

Server Details

Server Settings Pre-Renewal Trans
Hosting Location Singapore & USA
Episode XII The Demise of Morroc
Max Level 99/70
Max Stats 99
Max Attack Speed 190
Instant Cast 150 dex
Base Experience x30
Job Experience x30
Normal Item Drops x3
Usable / Healing / Equipment Drop x3
Normal Card Drop x3
MVP and Miniboss Drop x1 (custom)
Available Jobs 1-1 / 1-2 / 2-1 / 2-2 / Expanded Class / Baby
Game Shield Gepard Shield 3.0
DDOS Protection 24/7
Remote Backup Daily

Commands List

@commands See all available commands
@uptime Check the running duration of server
@time Check the current server time
@refresh Refreshes screen state incase you get stuck on npc
@rates Check the servers current rates and happy hour
@showexp Show gained exp everytime you kill a mob
@noks Prevent other players from stealing your kill
@iteminfo or @ii Check Item Informations (@ii )
@whodrops Check who drops a certain item (@whodrops )
@whereis Check the location of monster (@whereis )
@mobinfo or @mi Check the information of a monster (@mi )
@autoloot Set automatic looting on and off depending on weight (@autoloot )
@alootid Set automatic looting of specific item (@alootid )
@request Send a message to GM (@request )
@duel Send a duel invitation (@duel )
@accept Accept duel requests
@reject Rejects a duel invitation
@leave Leave from a duel match
@autotrade Automatically vend items while offline
@hold Prevent on accidentally walk (Useful in WOE)
@hourlycheck Check remaining minutes before claiming hourly rewards
@joinevent Join automated events
@joinbg Join Battleground Queuing
@leavebg Leave Battleground Queuing
@security Set account password and disable item drop, buying , selling etc
@restock Automatically get item stock from your storage without opening it
@jailtime Check the remaining jail time (We are hoping you will not use this in future)
/w Check online players
/am Leave automated message while AFK


Based on player who wrote them on RMS : Visit

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